Player Benefits

Benefits for all ages and skill levels

If you are just starting out playing baseball or softball, we have create and curate content just for you! If you are a club or Prep player, between all the education, special offers and merchandise, the AHA is an asset. We work to make to AHA a quality, valuable club to be a part of for players of all sports, ages and skill levels.


From hitting instruction on every topic imaginable: from swing mechanics instructional videos to the mental approach, the heartbeat of the American Hitting Association is education.


Get rewarded for everything you do with AHA. Give us a review, get rewarded. Spend in our shop or special offers, get rewarded. Send out a referral and get rewarded for everything they do with AHA. Share on Facebook, get rewarded.
Then claim your rewards!


It’s hard to wade through the sea of information and get actual wisdom... that’s one of our main goals is to help you create a map to your end goals.

Special Offers

The AHA scours the baseball and softball industry and secures special offers for our members. Just our way of helping more people play, play better, enjoy the experience more and save a few dollars.


Inspiration in many forms is part of the fabric of the AHA. From stories of beating the odds to learning how peers workout, we aim high in the motivation department. We want you to hit more, be better at it, and look good while you're doing it!

Interactive Features

Submit your videos or any media that you want to share with the American Hitting Community. Share something that you think the AHC will enjoy or learn from! We also have contests where the site's interactive features will help you enter the contest or challenge.

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